Cynthia J. Cordell

Cynthia J. Cordell

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On the One Hand

     Picture this… in a tiny neighborhood, a (fictitious) media lab experiment was being put to the test.  A swanky, attractive commercial had just been aired, but only in that area.  Through several survey breakthroughs, this was how the neighborhood folks were all affected:
     On the one hand, the Dillinger family has a relatively new car, but on the other hand, they’d like to trade up to keep up with the Jones’.
     On the one hand, the dinner planned and prepared by a young man’s mother was comfort food, but on the other hand (with his newly landed job), he could now take his girlfriend out to dinner to the latest, trendy restaurant.
     On the one hand, there were the boxes of crayons and markers and coloring books, but on the other hand, the latest video games became the latest must-have fads.
     On the one hand, the Cosmetics consultant knew how to do a color match to give the young lady a proper shade of lipstick, yet on the other hand, she wanted to go high-end for the more expensive cosmetics.
     On the one hand, the heartier food always left him feeling happy to have eaten the comfort food, however on the other hand the man at the corner house wanted to go gourmet.
     On the one hand, her vegetarian diets used to work wonders, but now on the other hand, she realized she wasn’t taking in enough calories, because this young girl hand grown an inch in the last few years.
     On the one hand, all of the writing resources were within available reach to an Author, but on the other hand, the hypnotic drugged state that she was in, left her disabled to reach any of them.
     On the one hand, the online writing exercises were a great way for the Author to pass away the time, on the other hand, she needed the camaraderie of the other online students, to encourage her to turn in her assignments on time.

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