Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Dash of this, A Dash of that

A Dash of this, A Dash of that
     In my novel Alecner, there is a sprinkling if unique things that I add to it – you could say a dash of this and a dash of that.  For example, the antagonist’s father was a military man and when his wife asked him to save the people from her planet,  so he turned them into soldiers.  He was a military man after all, and that was his way of giving a group of hopeful people a sense of self.
      Another example is when the female protagonist Eden went home to her planet Alecner and we are treated to the way her mother had decorated her childhood home/dwelling.  The walls of the house were made of clear, crystal stones filled with (a fictitious compound) freesia, keeping it just the right temperature inside.  Although the dwelling was cozy, comfortable and accommodating, there were just enough pieces of ornate objects here and there to impress the visiting Chancellor Riley Sinclaire.
     Another added touch to the novel, is the presence of the Voltairian military compound in the sky.  Unless you knew well ahead of time of its existence,  it would be just another invisible and undetectable compound.  Of course, the male protagonist Riley Sinclaire pretty much decided not to destroy Eden’s planet of Alecner because by getting to know her, he realized the she and the rest of her population were keeping up with the re-emergence or computer technology.
     Personally, I stumbled on a rock in my computer studies when I came across pointers.  The pointer technology is something that I have embraced in learning about.  I also write about it in the website under Cynthia Cordell.  Writing about pointers has clarified my understanding of them.  Hopefully the inclusion of them in my everyday prose, can improve my novel writing.

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