Cynthia J. Cordell

Cynthia J. Cordell

Thursday, December 15, 2016


*Authors note: Millie is a fictitious character that I am developing for future use.


After working for a Cosmetics Conglomerate for over ten years, Millie had the opportunity to meet the President of the company.

“Mrs. Foil, it’s my pleasure to finally meet the president of Make-Up Maven.  I’ve spent a little over ten years cataloging all of the cosmetics that you and your company produce,” Millie said to Mrs. Foil at a company luncheon.

“Yes, Millie, I’m in a bit of a quandary, and your name came up in the discussion to solve it.  You see, we’re renaming the nail polish line and we’d like you to come up with some fresh names for it,” Mrs. Foil informed Millie.

“Certainly, Mrs. Foil, I would love to help out.  I can have some new names for you by next week,” Millie said.

“That would be wonderful,” Mrs. Foil thanked her.

Millie went home that afternoon and grabbed some fashion magazines from the newsstand.  The first color that she tried to name was a plum-like purple.  Millie remembered that in her childhood, she would pick plu ms from the nearby orchard.  Therefore, she named that shade “Plum Orchard” and she wrote a note about the background reason for her naming convention.

 Another color that needed naming was blue-black in color.  The color reminded her of the tattoo artwork that she had seen in the photo magazines.  Millie therefore, named that color “Tattoo Markers.”  She didn’t know if the pen machine they used for tattoos were used markers, but the tattoos she had seen, looked like they had been inked on from markers.  Millie’s naming convention continued to be, of the things that she had seen from around her… from the past, to the present.  More on Millie, next time …

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