Cynthia J. Cordell

Cynthia J. Cordell

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Millie's Life

Author’s Note:  These are fictional characters that I am developing for future use.

Millie’s Life

Millie was on a roll.  She had been renaming the nail polish line as a favor to the president of the cosmetics conglomerate.  The latest was a shade in light pink.  It reminded her of bubble gum that was very durable.  Therefore, she renamed that particular shade of pink as “Latex Bubblegum.”  Moving right along, there was a shade of red that she noticed matched many of the red lipsticks in their line.  This one seemed like the bricks that some of the buildings downtown were still made of.  Therefore, she renamed that particular shade of red as “Bricks for Downtown.”

Millie’s friend Andrea was working on an art exhibit in the downtown area.  The artwork was a winding, curvy half wall that will be decoupaged with paper and fabrics depicting what the whole town and community had been doing.  Andrea had received pictures of the children as they played after-school sports.  It also showed pictures of the baked goods from the neighborhood bakery.  There were so many good things to depict in pictures and then, have them given to Andrea to be added to the Wall of Wisdom (as it had come to be known).

Millie (with the permission of Mrs. Foil, the cosmetics company president), sent pictures of some of the newly renamed nail polish bottles, with some fun graphics embedded in the pictures.  Andrea was just thrilled with the glamorous graphics and pictures.  Millie and Andrea would often talk on the phone about how each of their day was going.

“Millie, hi, this is Andrea…Yes, thank you for those dramatic-looking shots of those models wearing your nail polish line.  They will go nicely along the wall where pictures of last Spring’s fashion dresses are going,” Millie said

“Hi Andrea, you are so welcome. As I see it, it’s free publicity for the nail polish…” Millie said.

More on Millie next time…

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