Cynthia J. Cordell

Cynthia J. Cordell

Sunday, February 26, 2017



Author’s note*Millie is fictitious. She is a character that I am developing for future use.

     Her dress was a shade of coral. She was asking for a job. She hadn’t had a job in a long time and she wanted to get into the job market again. Her apron had a floral print. She baked cinnamon rolls in her spare time. Millie was her name, just Millie because she never told anyone her last name.

     Millie was good with numbers. She did her own taxes. Also, if it wasn’t too difficult, she did some of her friends’ taxes too. Millie had an idea for a new talk show called Crosstalk. In this talk show, Millie would be offering news opinions on articles that she came across.

     For example, in one of the neighborhoods in the East Coast, a police officer accidentally shot a young man in the head. The young man’s family was up at arms and wanted the officer to be removed from duty, followed by a formal apology to the family.

     The officer’s lawyers really worked it out and felt that that accidental shooting had not been planned, there had been no malicious intent to kill the young man from the point -of-view of the officer. The police officer also had a clean record and was the father and husband of a family of five. He was the sole supporter of his family.

     Millie had to side with the officer’s lawyers because it truly had been an accident.  The officer (she felt) should have been forced to do community service for a few months, followed by some psychological testing to make sure that he was still mentally capable of doing his job as a police officer. Millie went back to baking after thinking up this pretend case.

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