Cynthia J. Cordell

Cynthia J. Cordell

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Time Travel

Time Travel
by Cynthia J. Cordell

*Walter is a fictitious character being developed for use at a later time.

     It was a pale green ribbon. He had won Honorable Mention in the field of time travel. In fact, he had become quite the expert. His formula took consideration the twenty-four-hour day and divided it up into strips of two hours at a time. Walter was his name, and time travel was his game.

     It was the year 1975 on Earth One and the night before he had just finished testing his formulas. Basically, he had a wand that he pointed to his right side and the reality became that of a different place, but the same time. At the same time that he would point the wand to his right side, he also pushed a red button on it. This he did at this time, and ‘lo and behold, he found himself in the website offices of in the year 2001.

     A young woman named Madelaine was being inundated with phone calls. The passwords of the website users were scrambled and now none of them were able to access their accounts. While Walter is in this time frame, he is invisible, because he is in observation mode. Madelaine from the year 2001 and her website manager Victor had set up together, however Victor had taken an indefinite leave of absence (due to stress) and Victoria had been left to man the stations.

      While Walter was there, he read some of the pamphlet literature situated in a clear plastic box on their coffee table in their waiting room. Apparently, offered video snippets of exercise videos made fun. After that users could burn the files onto DVDs. The exercises were made fun to watch, because they were animated. Eighteen actors and actresses had been hooked up to wireless sensors to record their every move.

      After that, Victor and Madelaine had the choice of which animated characters they wanted to represent the actors and actresses in the videos. The characters could be dressed like in the medieval-time period, soldier-style, Kung-Fu-style, anything their minds could imagine. It’s as if the characters at first, had been made into colorful-clay-molded-characters and then recorded frame by frame to capture their exercise movements. Of course, in reality, they did it through computer animation.

      From eight to ten in a Spring Friday morning, this is where Walter was. He would come back to here, but for now, his 10 to 12 am would be at his next jump. He pointed his wand to his right side and simultaneously pressed the red button on it. These were time trials for Walter. More on him and his adventures later on. Bye for now…

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