Saturday, April 8, 2017

Time Travel

Time Travel
by Cynthia J. Cordell

*Walter is a fictitious character being developed for use at a later time.

     It was a pale green ribbon. He had won Honorable Mention in the field of time travel. In fact, he had become quite the expert. His formula took consideration the twenty-four-hour day and divided it up into strips of two hours at a time. Walter was his name, and time travel was his game.

     It was the year 1975 on Earth One and the night before he had just finished testing his formulas. Basically, he had a wand that he pointed to his right side and the reality became that of a different place, but the same time. At the same time that he would point the wand to his right side, he also pushed a red button on it. This he did at this time, and ‘lo and behold, he found himself in the website offices of in the year 2001.

     A young woman named Madelaine was being inundated with phone calls. The passwords of the website users were scrambled and now none of them were able to access their accounts. While Walter is in this time frame, he is invisible, because he is in observation mode. Madelaine from the year 2001 and her website manager Victor had set up together, however Victor had taken an indefinite leave of absence (due to stress) and Victoria had been left to man the stations.

      While Walter was there, he read some of the pamphlet literature situated in a clear plastic box on their coffee table in their waiting room. Apparently, offered video snippets of exercise videos made fun. After that users could burn the files onto DVDs. The exercises were made fun to watch, because they were animated. Eighteen actors and actresses had been hooked up to wireless sensors to record their every move.

      After that, Victor and Madelaine had the choice of which animated characters they wanted to represent the actors and actresses in the videos. The characters could be dressed like in the medieval-time period, soldier-style, Kung-Fu-style, anything their minds could imagine. It’s as if the characters at first, had been made into colorful-clay-molded-characters and then recorded frame by frame to capture their exercise movements. Of course, in reality, they did it through computer animation.

      From eight to ten in a Spring Friday morning, this is where Walter was. He would come back to here, but for now, his 10 to 12 am would be at his next jump. He pointed his wand to his right side and simultaneously pressed the red button on it. These were time trials for Walter. More on him and his adventures later on. Bye for now…

Monday, March 27, 2017

Banking and Teaching

 Banking and Teaching
A blog by Cynthia J. Cordell  

     Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to a character that I am developing. Her name is Millie. I’m going to put Millie in different situations and wait to see, how well-rounded she can become.

     Millie was looking at bath towels at a Bed and Bath store. She noticed that the monogramed towels offered a personal touch to the towels. Her friend Alicia was getting married and on the top of her list were colorful bath towels. Millie stepped out of the store for a moment to buy a fruit smoothie from the concessions stand. She sat down by the fountain and contemplated about buying a soft pretzel to go with that smoothie.

     It was tax season. Millie was at this mall shopping for bath towels to burn up some time before her appointment with her accountant. He tutoring business had been showing promise lately and she was about to find out from her accountant, if she can make a living at it, in the long run.

     A few days ago, Millie had been at the keyboard of her computer, to try to improve her resume. She had been working in the banking industry, but wanted to change her employment options. So she sent out her resume to private and public schools highlighting her teaching credentials in the hopes of landing a teaching job.

     However, she didn’t want to burn any bridges with her banking job, so she only took on private tutoring positions that met only on the weekends. Eventually, she’d have to choose between the banking world and the teaching world, but for now she was happy to keep her job at the bank and to moonlight on the weekends with her teaching position.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Alecner Snippets

Snippets from Alecner, the novel
By Cynthia J. Cordell

     Alecner, the book, is a science fiction novel written by yours truly. In the beginning, Riley Sinclaire, the newly elected Chancellor of the planet Voltaire is aiming to destroy the nearby planet Alecner because that is where his grandmother had died a horrible death. By a chance coincidence, he meets a young girl from there by the name of Eden Kkaelen. Eden is on her way upstate on the monorail as she visits the planet Voltaire for the first time from her home planet of Alecner. She is in Adana the capital of Voltaire when this all takes place.

     Riley sees her and is instantly smitten with her. As she descends the monorail, Riley tells his bodyguard Paul Lowrey to ask her over to meet him (the Chancellor). At first Eden thinks that she has caused a commotion of some sort, but Paul re-assures her that the Chancellor just likes to meet a sampling of the population.

     Paul leads Eden to Riley and they have a cordial introduction to one another. Riley takes Eden out to lunch at the Planetary Restaurant and gets to know her there. Before this takes place, Riley had done a quick background check on Eden and found out that she is a recovering drug addict. At the luncheon, she openly tells him that she had tried rreahla once and after one of her cells became enlarged, she never tried it again. In the planet Alecner, having one enlarged cell means that that cell is a mutagen that that person harbors.

     In a nutshell, this is how the leading man meets the leading lady in the novel Alecner.