Cynthia J. Cordell

Cynthia J. Cordell

Friday, May 6, 2011

An Abandoned Farmhouse

     Like a paintbrush sweeping color onto canvas, I like the way authors convey their thoughts in a myriad of ways.  Historical romances are one way of fictionalizing relationships set in real places from the past and during real events.
     I went to the other end of the writing spectrum though -- into the future and of what might be...I am writing a science fiction novel originally titled "Alecner," but may be called "Eden" when it's all finished.
     For now, my short stories hold my interest, they are the results of an ember of creativity -- that's still left over.  There are 19 in the collection.  My twentieth will be called "Psychological Tests" and it is based on 5 individual beings who each take a test, much akin to the one that uses ink blots, only these are charcoal and pastel renderings of different settings and surroundings.
     One picture might be of an abandoned farmhouse, with hay still strewn about in its adjoining barn, as if the people left in a hurry.  Another picture might be of an enlarged rendition of a pizza with the 'works,' sitting on a restaurant table, alongside it, a note bearing the words, 'ThankYou.'  In all I will have the five fictitious people give their thoughts on these pictures.
     Then, up above the evolution spectrum, a group of overlooking inhabitants will analyze the Earth psychologist's findings from these tests and give their version of a 'progress report' on where really mankind is....

Back Cover Blurb From My Book

     This is the excerpt from the back of my book:
     "Taking the time to reflect on the simple pleasures of life is one of the themes of this short story collection.  Rooting for the underdog is another one.  Seeing one's reflection on the social pond of life, and establishing one's take on what you see in the background provides for a vast amount of writing material.  Come and visit the characters of this collection, just to see how the author defines who's doing what in her fictitious neck of the universe.  Immerse yourself, and maybe you too, will make reading and appreciating short stories one of your pastimes."
     "Cynthia J. Cordell writes with a love for the whole process of creating and inventing new, everyday short stories.  She has a fascination for the art of crafting stories that touch people's lives."
     The book, titled "Sharing Short Stories," is available directly from the publisher (the book is self-published through) Xlibris.  It can be found at:
     If you click on the link, currently, it will tell you that it is temporarily unavailable.  This is because I am doing a revision on it (made possible because it is print-on-demand publishing), but I should be done with the revision process in about a week's time.  If you should pick up a copy....Happy Reading!