Cynthia J. Cordell

Cynthia J. Cordell

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Summary of Alecner: the Novel, by Cynthia J. Cordell

In the beginning of this novel, it becomes evident that it is a good versus evil story.  There is a Chancellor who has risen in the ranks on the planet called Voltaire. There are many planets that orbit the Star Alpha Centauri and Voltaire is the third one. Espionage grabbed the Chancellor seat for Riley Sinclaire. His good friend Oliver Stealth played a dual role as a member of the opposing government party and a spy for Riley.  Oliver siphoned off three million ralms  into to Riley’s coffers and with that money, Riley opened up three million jobs in the floral industry for the masses, and took the popular vote.

     In the past, Riley’s grandmother Calla had been a victim of a drugged-out society.  On Alecner, the fifth planet from the Star Alpha Centauri, Calla after working the family business of mining for Enesteria (a compound, upon which the ralm currency is based on), she became exhausted and tapped out of immediate energy.  That is when a classmate of hers introduce her to the weed rreahla.  She inhaled the drug and soon she became addicted.  An enlarged cell, which came to be known as a mutagen, shared her physical body.  Her family didn’t and could never understand her circumstances, and she died working the streets.

     Riley’s quest was to destroy Alecner. However, on a fateful day, six days before the attack, he met Eden Kkaelen, a demure citizen of Alecner. He fell in love with her, and thus begun the rehabilitation of the that ill-fated planet.  Riley began catching them up on the computer concepts and when Eden was stabbed by an adversary, he had the best doctors pull her out of her coma.  When she covered, not long after that, they got together, and thus lived happily after!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Event Planner

*Millie is a fictitious character I am developing for future use.

     Millie had just dropped off the specifications of the event to the party planner supervisor who was going to oversee the whole gala. Millie’s company was a good customer of the local flower shop. Therefore, Lou’s Flower Shop donated some beautiful and extravagant floral arrangements to be auctioned off at the gala. One thing that Millie wanted to make sure of was that the video presentation of Sue Flemmings, the head of Computer Supplies Incorporated was set to be shown in conjunction with a D.J. remix of some popular soundtracks.

     Among the details that Millie had on her list for Florence the event planner were: gift bags for all of the attendees; attractive centerpieces that could be given away to a lucky person from each table; each rose stem for those who were getting awards were going to be wrapped in alternating pink and purple ribbons; and finally, the entrees will be a variety of main dishes to choose from.

     Millie also contacted the singers who were going to perform at the gala. In all the confusion, she almost forgot that the spouses of the award recipients needed to be asked if they wanted to say a small speech as well. Their speeches; plus the couple’s photographs with the official photographer; press statement interviews, and special flower arrangement for each power couple to take home would all be checked off with Florence, the event planner.  All in all, Millie was determined to make this event a successful one!